Truck Transport Capacity

All of our transport trucks are capable of carrying up to 5000 gallons of acid. All transports meet US DOT and FMCSA regulations and are subject to a stringent in-house inspection program. Annual VILK testing as mandated by the United States Department of Transportation is provided by third party service providers.

Pressure Pumping Capability

Acid Tech Services has 11 custom built acid pumping units as follows:

  • P01 is a 1250 brake horsepower trailer mounted unit with a Gardner Denver triplex pump with a 4” OFM brand fluid end
  • P02 is a 1000 brake horsepower trailer mounted unit with a Gardner Denver triplex pump mounted to a 4” OFM fluid end
  • P03 is a truck-mounted MSI pump operated by a manual transmission and utilizing the 550 HP Cat engine and a 3" fluid end.
  • P04 is a truck mounted remote-controlled triplex unit that can be remotely operated from the treating van. The power for this unit is supplied by the 550 HP Cummins engine in the truck.
  • P05 is another truck mounted, manually operated triplex pump powered by the C-15 Cat engine under the hood. This unit has a 600 HP rated pump with a 4” fluid end
  • P06 is a trailer mounted pump powered by a 750 horsepower Cummins engine with a 1000 HP rated triplex with a 4” fluid end.
  • P07 and P08-AKA “The Hellcats” are remote-controlled triplex pumps that have 2250 horsepower Cat engines coupled to Gardner Denver pumps via Allison transmissions utilizing 4” fluid ends
  • P09 is another truck-mounted Triplex pump operated via a manual transmission with a 550 HP Cummins engine and a 5” fluid end
  • P10 and P11 are remote controlled quintaplex pumps utilizing Cat engines as prime movers.

All pumps are equipped with on board mini-blenders for running solid diverting agents on any job.

All pumps carry their own integral 2” 1502 iron rated to 15000 psi MAWP which is certified on an annual basis by a third party service provider with tags for material tracing for QA.

With this variety of pumping equipment, we are able to provide acidizing and pressure pumping services from ¼ BPM to over 20 BPM and 15,000 psig maximum pressure.

Lab Information

Our laboratory is primarily used for in-house testing of acid and crude oil compatibilities to ensure that acid blends do not cause emulsions or the formation of asphaltene induced sludge in the presence of iron compounds.

The lab is also used for research and development of new products and acid additives proprietary to our product lines.

Certified Parts

Acid Tech stocks a full line of replacement parts for repair of our equipment at our facility or in the field when emergency repairs are required.

Custom Fluid blends and anti-sludge systems

Acid Tech Services has developed many proprietary custom additive blends and anti-sludge products to achieve optimum well results and minimize problems and costs in well stimulation and cleanup operations.