In partnership with Heartland Energy Group, Acid Tech is now producing and providing safe acid to the Permian Basin and other producing areas.

The flagship product, Oil Safe AR® uses state-of-the-art, patented technology to deliver a green oilfield treatment alternative. Living up to its namesake, this hydrochloric acid replacement is 100% environmentally sound, giving our client’s a competitive edge, where and when it is needed most. The secret to our success is our performance-driven blend that makes this oilfield treatment as effective as it is eco-friendly. This hydrochloric acid replacement is non-regulated by US DOT and carries a triple zero hazardous materials information system score. Oil Safe AR® is manufactured with products chosen from the EPA’s Design for the Environment “Safe Chemical Ingredients List” that meet the criteria for Design for the Environment Safer Product Program. According to the EPA, all chemicals in their listing are among the safest for their functional use and are categorized in 4 separate categories: Green Circle, Green Half Circle, Yellow Triangle and Green Square. Chemical ingredients bearing the full green circle have been verified by the EPA to be of the lowest concern based on experimental and modeled data. Heartland Energy Group, Ltd. and Acid Tech Services, in a green foot forward stewardship initiative, have consciously chosen to only include those ingredients with full green circles in every product manufactured.

Safe, Functional Alternative for Hydrochloric Acid

It is non-regulated by US D.O.T. and carries a triple zero hazardous materials information system score. Oil Safe AR® biodegrades in 10 days or less and is manufactured with ingredients set forth by the US EPA Design for the Environment and Cleangredients as Environmentally Safer Ingredients.

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