Q – What is it?

Oil Safe AR® is a patented, completely synthetic (man-made) product that has similar solubilizing properties of Hydrochloric Acid without the extremely high rates of corrosion and reactivity.

Q – Is it an Acid?

Oil Safe AR® is a hybrid solution that falls between how a high strength mineral acid and a low strength organic acid would react. It can be referred to as a Synthetic Acid.

Q – What are the key design components that make-up Oil Safe AR®?

  1. Oil Safe AR® is mainly comprised of our patented synthetic acid called Syntech®.
  1. Fastbreak is a non-ionic surfactant/demulsifying addition that assists with emulsion breaking and the general breaking down of surface tension.
  2. VOA is the built-in iron control element of the formula.
  3. CorrosX is a small inhibitor addition to the base formula to assist with higher temperature applications.

Q – Describe the advantages of your “off-the-shelf” Oil Safe AR® formulation?

  1. Requires little if any additional additives to the existing formulation
  2. No corrosion inhibitor addition for most applications
  3. No de-mulsifier addition for most applications
  4. No iron control addition for most applications
  5. No retarding agent or organic addition
  6. If additional chemistries are needed they are generally small or minimal additions. In other words, just little tweaks based on emulsion testing.

Q – Describe the spending rate of Oil Safe AR® vs. HCL?

Oil Safe AR has a linear and more controlled spending rate thus affording you less near wellbore damage while providing for deeper formation penetration and greater worm holing effect. HCL has a spending curve that mimics a hockey stick thus spending very quickly and creating enormous collateral side effects if not managed correctly. Oil Safe AR® has been shown to form less precipitates and fewer solids than jobs pumped with HCL.

Q – How many lbs per gallon of CaCOȝ will Oil Safe AR® dissolve?

Oil Safe Safe AR® “Neat” will dissolve approximately 2.2 lbs/gal of CaCOȝ. Yet – Oil Safe AR® has less corrosive properties than organic acids like glacial acetic acids and formic acid systems. Thus, giving you the best of both worlds!

Q – What precautions (if any) should be taken with pumping the product?

Oil Safe AR® is a very low pH chemical that is designed to clean metal surfaces, dissolve carbonate, and will react with certain soft metals such as Aluminum and Magnesium. Caution should be taken to ensure that when loading, unloading, or pumping that only acid approved hose, pumps, and piping are utilized.

Q – What should the Oil Safe AR be stored in?

Oil Safe AR® can be stored in approved plastic/fiberglass containers, fiberglass lined acid tanks, lined steel tanks (short term), or even large-scale fluid storage systems.

Q – What fluids are Oil Safe AR® compatible with?

  • Enhanced with Non-Hazardous Chemistries
  • Iron Control
  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Water Wetting Agent
  • Non-Emulsifier
  • Miscible Weighting Agents
  • CaCl2, NaCl, KCl, NaBr
  • Gelling Agents
  • HEC, Cationic PA, Low pH Compatible Polymers

Q – What is the penetration ability?