We are proud to carry the following hydrochloric acid alternative products in the Oil Safe AR® line:

  • Oil Safe AR®
  • Oil Safe AR® 1050
  • Oil Safe AR® 1030

Features and Benefits of Oil Safe AR® Hydrochloric Acid Alternative:

  • Our hydrochloric acid replacement is an excellent choice for fracs, spearhead treatments, injection wells and disposal wells and annular soaks
  • Oil Safe AR® requires no organic acid additions to help retard reaction rates
  • Standard formula includes surfactant and de-mulsifier system
  • EPA compliant standard for 10-day direct release bio-degradation. Oil Safe AR® is biodegradable in 10 days or less; approved for direct discharge; made with Cleangredients and ingredients recognized by the the EPA’s Design for the Environment safer ingredients.
  • Requires no iron control agent addition for most applications
  • Safe on most metals, piping and pumping equipment
  • Our hydrochloric acid replacement is nontoxic; non fuming; non mutagenic; no VOC’s
  • No secondary containment required as per Chapter 62-761F.A.C.
  • Eliminates foulants
  • An excellent choice for work-over projects, bullhead treatments and cement remediation
  • Requires no additional corrosion inhibitor step for most applications
  • 100% biodegradable, acid free and naturally inhibited

100% Biodegradable, Non-hazardous, non-DOT Regulated, Non-Corrosive Formulas.

World’s only environmentally friendly chemical systems that reduce wear and tear on equipment.

Maximize employee safety with formulas that are rated as triple zero on the Hazardous Material Index System.